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CFO Alliance M&A Readiness Assessment Checklist 2021


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At CFO Alliance, we understand that your business is more than a job; it's a part of you.

The idea of selling your business is exciting and likely a bit overwhelming too. It is a sentiment we hear frequently when we assist companies through the sale process.

So we’ve taken our 12 years and $1 Billion in M&A deal value experience and developed a  comprehensive M&A Readiness Checklist.

With this tool, you will discover how prepared you are to sell your business and learn great tips on how to maximize its value.

The checklist will help you:

  • Determine your overall readiness to embark on a sale of your business.
  • Identify areas that may need further focus prior to a sale.
  • Uncover areas where you have a true value proposition you can bring to the negotiation table with a buyer.